CLUB 56 is our Preteen ministry and is designed for children in grades 5 and 6

We meet every first and third Thursday of the month from 6pm-7:30pm

At our preteen nights, we will have fun, running around and playing games, eating snacks and making friendships and memories

As well, every night we share a message about Jesus that is relevant to the students as we encourage them to have a relationship with Jesus.

CLUB 56 is open to all children in grades 5 and 6. We hope to see many children JOIN THE CLUB

upcoming events!


March 21  // Nerf Battle

    - We will be having a fun and exciting nerf battle

        - Kids are allowed to bring there own nerf guns if they have one that they would like to bring (unless they require specific                             bullets as we are only providing regular nerf bullets

    - Proper safety eye-wear will be provided and worn thought the night


April 04   //  Slow-lympics

    - We will be playing a bunch of different games and having races with the catch that everything we do, we do slowly

     - There will be prizes up for grabs, little to no physical expertise required.

    - Pastor Brad will be giving a message on the importance of of following Jesus in this big race called life

April 18   //  Art Night

    - Come for a fun night where we make some beautiful artwork together

    - Even if you are not artsy, this will still be a fun night of laughs and giggles

    - Please wear clothes you would not mind getting paint on (not that we plan to have that happen, but better be safe than sorry)

    - Pastor Brad will be giving a message on how God has created each one of us, and how we should get to know our creator


May 02  // Movie & Pyjama Night

    - We will be watching the movie: VeggieTales- Jonah

    - The movie is the veggie tales version (made for kids) of the story of Jonah from the Bible

    - Kids are encouraged to come in their comfy pyjamas and enjoy a fun movie

    - Popcorn and drinks will be given to the kids

May 16   //  Scavenger Hunt

    - Kids will be put in teams as they solve clues and find the items hidden around the church

    - Pastor Brad will give a message on how we were once lost, but that Jesus comes and finds us


June 06  // CLUB-56 Olympic Games

    - Come for a night where play some olympic style sports (running, shot-put...)

    - Medals will be up for grabs

    - Pastor Brad will be giving a message on how Jesus can prepare us to face life

June 20 16   //  Pizza Party

    - Our last scheduled Pre-teen event before summer break will be a fun Pizza Party

    - Pizza, Drinks, Chips... you name it, we'll have it

    - Any dietary restriction, please contact pastor Brad so we can accommodate properly

Our goal with club 56

We want to create a safe and fun environment where kids in grades 5 and 6 can come, hang out with people and play games while making friends and memories.

We also believe it is important to teach them about Jesus, who He is and why they should accept Him into their hearts. Which is why the majority of our pre-teen night, Pastor Brad will give a message which is sure to keep the students engaged while sharing with them about the love of Jesus.

Our hope and prayer is that through our pre-teen ministry, we will see kids in grades 5 and 6 come to know Jesus, and encourage them to keep pursing Jesus even as they go through youth ministry.

If you have any questions about CLUB 56 or other related preteen questions, please do not hesitate to email pastor Brad- who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.