Calvary Church Prayer

Below are prayer requests submitted to the church.  Those who have submitted the requests have given permission for these to be posted online.  If you would please pray for them and click the praying hands to let the one who submitted the prayer request know you are praying for them.

If you would like to submit a prayer request please fill in the section at the bottom of the page.

God bless!


Please pray for healing for my relationship with my daughter who is following the Lord and my son whom currently does not follow the Lord. Thank you.


My boss Tammy has been ill and in hospital. They have not pin pointed what the problem is. They plan on doing another CT scan Monday. It’s been 9 days since this started with her.


Reconciliation and health concerns, employment. Christ to continue to reign over our lives.


A relative of one of our church members has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The family would appreciate your prayers.


1 Kid 1 Family is in NEED of an agency to handle funds for this children's project. HELP!!! Without the proper agency, almost 25 Blaan Tribal kids in school and university will be without funds for education and food for their hosting families. This includes support for Pst. Elito. Pray for the Lord to help us find the appropriate partnership with the "best" agency to handle our funds from sponsors and donors. Also that sponsors will continue to support and pray for their children and not fall away due to this transition time! Thank you/ Jim and Terry

Submit a Prayer Request

If you would like us to pray for a specific request you might have please submit the form below.  Make sure that you choose whether you would like this request posted on our church prayer wall, or your contact information sent to the prayer team/staff.