Awaken Kids | 2 yrs - grade 5

At Calvary Church we are excited about children and consider them a vital part of our community!  


From birth to graduation, every child is on a journey with Jesus. Our hope as a ministry is that we can provide a fun, safe place where God awakens their wonder, discovery and passion for Him through our love as leaders and the work of the Holy Spirit.


We believe in the power of worshiping God as a family and therefore have our kids join the adults for the first two songs of the service. After the first two songs there will be an official kids dismissal where parents are to lead their children downstairs to drop their children off at their classrooms with their teachers. 

In case you or your kids are not feeling well on Sunday, we provide weekly worship and story videos attached with activity guides and devotionals for you and your kids to work through! Scroll down below to check it out.

If you have any questions about discipling your kids, our weekly videos and resources or anything else, feel free to contact

Pastor Daphne at or (250) 392-5324


Each Tuesday we will upload the upcoming Sunday's Worship & Story Videos for your Kindergarten - Grade 5's!

Attached with each video is a "Parent Cue" - Parent Guide to help you reinforce the lesson through a special activity, the monthly memory verse and other helpful "cues" and questions to get your children thinking about the story and the monthly theme (Life App)!

Different from our 2-4 curriculum, the Elementary Students can also download and print off "God Time" devotionals that allow them to follow along through their own reading of the Bible and answering questions to reinforce what was read each day!