2023 Constitutional Update

In preparation for our Annual General Meeting, Feb. 26, 2023, we are posting copies of our existing Constitution, Bylaws, and Statement of Faith.  At the PAOC National Conference in 2022 a new Constitution, By-laws, and Statement of Essential Truths and Positions and Practises were adopted.  To keep current with these changes and adopt the updated versions of these documents we need to have a congregational vote at our 2023 AGM with 2/3's of the quorum approving the changes.

To have a look at the documents just click the links below to view the current documents and the proposed documents.

2020 Calvary Church Constitution and Bylaws (including the statement of faith)

2023 PROPOSED Calvary Church Constitution, Bylaws and Essential Truths and Positions and Practises

Motions to adopt the proposed changes (including a more detailed look at the changes)